October 10, 2010

Shoes and Plant Sales

This weekend's been busy and stressful.  I went to the Lady Byrd Johnson Wildflower Fall Sale and got burnt, but I managed to get every plant that was on my list.  I'm wondering if the pain was worth it.

Off the top of my head, I got:
Southern Wood Fern
Siler's Tuberose
Virginian Pomegranate
Desert Willow
Pencil Cactus
Wild Strawberry
Switch Grass
Pequin Pepper Plant
Hibiscus laevis
Spider lily
Comanche wildflower mix

My ankle is still a bit busted so I haven't been able to dig or really do much for fear of wrecking it further, so it's been a lot of potting for me which is something that has to be done.  Like last year I'm getting more and more nervous about how many plants I have to overwinter in the garage, and I suspect I'll need to buy another shelving rack.  Fortunately some of the plants shouldn't be watered at all during the winter, so that's something I won't have to worry about.  I think I'll shove them in an area separate from the ones that need to be watered at least a bit.

I also put in an order for some annual bulbs such as tulips and allium.  They'll come up next spring but then they'll be gone forever.  Summers are too hot, and winters are too short.

I'm prepping my coleus for overwintering.  The terrarium didn't work last year, so I'm just going for regular old cuttings in potting soil.  Ah well.

And I finally finished the shoes I've been working on for 3 weeks and got them submitted for a few contests.


  1. Wowzers! These are wicked! Wickedly awesome!

  2. Don't you love the Lady Bird Center. It was number 1 on my list of places to see the last time we were "out that way"!

  3. Very cool shoes!
    You found some great plants too.
    Also, thanks for commenting on the "red blotch" on my Amaryllis. All this time I've been growing Amaryllis, I never knew about it. I've been looking it up and reading about it so hopefully I can treat my bulbs.


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