August 21, 2010

Libellula croceipennis

I found this guy hovering around in my backyard while showing my husband the random blackberry bushes and maximilian sunflower growing in our dirt pile.  I'm impressed he stuck around long enough for me to catch a few photos which involved me grabbing my camera and carefully sneaking up to him, him flying to a jasmine branch, my husband posing with a piece of black poster board, me creeping in again...  He did fly off eventually when I made a quick hand gesture, but he was a real trooper.  While searching for identification, I discovered that he's made appearances all over central Texas and that he's impressed people just as much as me.  I'm glad to have seen him and honestly a bit surprised to see a dragonfly in my backyard. 


  1. Wow a Neon Skimmer, never seen this one before. Though I rarely make it to central Texas. We get all kinds of dragonflies in our garden, having a pond really brings them in.

  2. He's gorgeous. Makes my turquoise ones look kinda Plain Jane!

  3. How beautiful! You are luckier than I am. Mine refused to stick around for the camera. I hope it comes back because that is a beauty! Until then, I'll enjoy yours.


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