December 6, 2009


Ugh, I saw this yesterday on TV, and it's completely creepy. Running a background check on boyfriends? University Professors? Friends? Coworkers? Just want to get shit on somebody? Totally ridiculous. And this is coming from someone with a clean background!!

Click for the ridiculous!


  1. With teenaged daughters, a potential beau background check might not be such a bad idea. This just proves we're living in the information age and there's no turning back.

  2. I don't know. I've not seen this commercial, but I have a coworker who met a man through an online dating site. He was charming & articulate. She liked him and so did all of her family. Come to find out he spent several years in prison for buying an insurance policy on his ex-wife and trying to murder her...When I heard this story, I thought perhaps it was made up until I read part of the transcript of her testimony in front of the Texas legislature on the dangers of online dating. I, too, have a clean background, but still had to be fingerprinted to maintain my nursing license.--I felt Big Brother had his hand on me. On the other hand, wouldn't you feel safer knowing your nurse isn't a criminal? Laura


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