August 8, 2009

Veggies at the Farmer's Market

I've managed to go to the farmer's market for the past two weeks. For some reason it's a struggle for me to get there on Saturday mornings. Hmmmm...

I got a bag of okra, 3 eggplants, 3 cantaloupes, 3 sweet peppers, an English cucumber, an Armenian cucumber (the weird gourd looking thing), 8 onions...


The tomatoes are going to be sauce. Lots and lots of sauce. I'm impressed it was only $15.

The mark of a homegrown tomato: imperfection.


  1. Oh man those tomatoes look good! Great picture at the bottom.
    What does the Armenian cucumber taste like??

  2. Happy cooking and enjoy the weekend yeah! Btw, the Armenian cucumber is bitter? The other vege that I am not familiar with are cantaloupes and sweet peppers.

  3. Ginger and Stephanie - I had a sample of the Armenian cucumber yesterday at the market, and it tasted like a cucumber but maybe more so. It had a lot more flesh and fewer seeds which is why I bought it. It's also HUGE! It's a cucumber that you can actually let get big. I'm really looking forward to it. I love the market because it's always fun to see what's been tickling the fancy of local farmers and growers.

    Stephanie - The canteloupes are a staple in the US. It's a sweet melon (a fruit) with a thin bumpy rind and a hollow in the center with stringy bits and seeds, sort of like pumpkins. The flesh is typically a pale orange, but with all the variations, a lot of hybridizers are getting all sorts of flesh colors and flavors. I can't really describe the flavor or compare it to anything you might be familiar with. If you can get ahold of some seeds and grow some yourself, you won't regret it though. I have some vines in my veg garden. I've lost one melon to bugs but I have another growing. The vine is still flowering and growing too, so I suspect I'll be getting a lot of melons this fall.

    The sweet peppers are probably more like Hungarian wax peppers but maybe more like a sweet bell pepper. Basically it's a pepper but isn't hot/spicy.

  4. Its good to have farmer's market around. You mean the actual farmers selling veggies at the market?.. we do have similar market here called Pasar Tani. It was intended to be of that sort. In the end, business are done by business people. Farmers just send veggies there or have it taken from their plot.
    Lovely veggies you are taking home...

  5. Bangchik - Nope, we have the actual farmers and sometimes their entire family running booths. At this particular market, you have to have produced the product to sell there - you can't be a third party selling someone else's crop. There are some farms that open their doors once or twice a week and sell their produce on site.

    And thanks! I'm definitely looking forward to eating them. :)


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