August 7, 2009

Pitcher Plant Container Garden

Last night I managed to prep the planting medium and get the plants inside. By the time I got done with all my work, it was too dark to take pictures. However, now it's nice and bright. I have them on the South-Eastern side of the house so they get lots of light but a bit of a break from the heat so the "soil" (peat and sand) doesn't dry out and destroy the roots. I have them clustered close together for now, but I'll be upgrade the garden sometime in the next year. There are a total of 7 plants. I don't have their names memorized, but I did manage to find 'Doodlebug' which was a variety I've had my eye on. It's the smallest of the bunch as the name might correctly suggest.

The container in container bog garden:

Close up:

New growth:


  1. Hi AR~~ After seeing a planting at a local nursery I was thinking, hmm... I should try this. And now your awesome planting... could it be fate? LOL

  2. Grace - It could very well be fate. In my head, these are the easiest carnivorous plants to care for. Now I don't think they are so very much, but we'll see. It's not like they ever need fertilizer or anything. I think the most tedious bit will be watering with distilled water or rain water. Ugh. I'm hoping there's a learning curve because I really want these to live!

  3. COOL! I love how you planted them in that galvanized tub.

  4. Ginger - Thanks! I LOVE galvanized steel for just about everything. I might make two planters out of large steel trash cans.


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