March 23, 2009

Yet Another Plant Rescue

I'm sure it's becoming abundantly obvious that I shop at Lowe's a lot. It's a bit deceptive. My boyfriend and I have a lot of DIY projects that require almost daily trips to a hardware store, and Lowe's is dead close. Every time we go in, I HAVE to look at the sale plants because it's ridiculous how many fabulous plants are out there. I can see why the plants wouldn't sell at full price because they aren't blooming or there's some damage, but with a little care and time, the plants generally rebound without much fuss. The other day I found a couple tropicals with gorgeous colors.

Calathea ("Dottie"?):
Philodendron "Moonlight":

Thankfully it's March, and the threat of seriously cold weather has passed. Even if I treat these tropicals (generally houseplants) as annuals, it was worth the $3.50 I paid for each one. These plants probably just needed a soil change, which is easy enough.

Random Side Note: I also prefer Lowe's because they mark down plants rather than ship them back to their whole saler or nurseries. Home Depot will return damaged/unsold plants which is a waste of energy (transportation). Consequently, you will never find plants on sale at Home Depot unless it's a promotional drop in price.


  1. Funny you should mention Home Depot today because I'm getting ready to do my post and will be mentioning them too with a 'thumbs down' remark. I do like Lowes most of the time though. Great post!

  2. The garden center at Lowe's here is so superior to HD's. HD's is very hit or miss, and they just don't have the selection that Lowe's does. We're at Lowe's at least once a week!

  3. I am dangerous entering any store with gardening supplies, plants or decor. I always just have to check to see whats there :)

  4. I haunt the local Lowe's and Home Depots during gardening season. We have 2 of each within 10 miles, so I visit all 4, as well as a few local (and more pricey) nurseries. Love em all! I'm not a mall rat, but give me a nursery any day.

  5. Yeah, a lot of my plants are from Lowe's and
    usually at the mark down cart. Calathea's are
    great for their foliage is unique.


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