March 20, 2009

Spring means... did something right.
...fresh fruit.

...flowering shrubs.
...perennials took the winter all in stride yet again.

...enthusiastic growth.
...remembering exactly what that plant was.
Swartburg Beauty Iceplant

Here's to a new growing year!


  1. Those pictures were great. I need to start "trying" to grow strawberries because I eat a lot of them... Also, I really like your new header of the sidewalk chalk picture. What program do you use to upload a picture as your header? Is it easy to use?

  2. Very pretty! that's funny with the hatchlings!

  3. You certainly did something right! A lot of action in your garden!

  4. Hey Adam! I use Gimp ( for editing my pictures. I think it's easy, but I've been using the program for a few years now. If you can use Photoshop, you can use Gimp with a little rewiring, and the hardest part about both programs is just getting started - once you know the basics, the rest comes along easily. There are instructional videos and tutorials online. And once I have my image (650 width x 120-300 height), I go to blogger -> Customize -> Layout -> Page Elements. Click on "Edit" for the header. Click on image (delete image if you have one up or upload image if you don't). You want "Instead of title and description". Click Save on the pop-up. Click Save on the "Add and Arrange Page Elements".

    Cathy - Ha! Thanks!

    Tatyana - Aw, shucks. Thanks!

  5. Great post! I like the one about "remembering what that plant was" I'm always surprised by plants I forgot I had :)
    Happy Spring!

  6. Catherine - Ha! It happens to me all the time. Just yesterday I was trolling around my front garden and saw a little sedum I'd missed, so I transplanted it to the hell strip where it should be very happy.

  7. That shrimp plant is so cool! I've only seen them in catalogs. Apparently it can really take heat since you live in TX!


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