March 21, 2009


I swear roadkill cactus has one of the better names out there. I bought a bunch of "Santa Fe Christmas Trees" when they went on sale for 75% off. I knew nothing about the plant. I had to look through a few sources to even figure out what kind of cactus it was. Thankfully, I found a blog about the indignities forced upon plants and discovered that my "Santa Fe Christmas Trees" were roadkill cacti, so named because of their squashed appearance. Nearly all of them were looking pretty darn bad, and I had to cut away tons of patties, fungus, rot, etc. I'm still dealing with it, but there's hope! I have discovered new budding growth on a few of the cacti, so I'm very pleased that I gave these poor things a second chance at life.


  1. What a name!! It looks like you brought it back to life, it'll be happy it ended up with I bet since you got it all cleaned up!

  2. It will look great in time, especially because
    you saved it!

  3. Roadkill cactus, LOL. Love that.

    I read your post on GIMP. My girls use it on their computers and love it. And my husband is learning it for his job as a computer programmer so I think it must be (rightly) earning clout. Maybe I'll give it a try, although I'm afraid I'll have too much fun and become addicted. :)

    Love your banner. You've got creativity!!

  4. Thanks, ladies! I hope the roadkill are happy. There were a few patties that I'd cut off and tossed in a box. About a month later, I thought, "What the hell, I'll stick them in some dirt and see what comes of it." Well, the roadkill cacti sure showed me - those neglected bits that I thought weren't ever going to make it are actually coming back. It sure shocked me!


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