March 14, 2009

Plant Wishlist

I think gardeners have an never ending plant wish list. Mine is growing much faster than what I have room for and some just won't do well in Central Texas for one reason or another. I try to keep my wish list to things that will grow, but sometimes I have fanciful ideas. Here's a list of plants for better or worse that I would like to have. Many are things I've seen on websites, Gardening by the Yard, A Gardener's Diary, or just trolling around online nurseries/catalogs/stores.

Euphorbia x martinii (Martin Spurge)


Crape Myrtle- Acoma

Escobaria Leei

Oak leaf hydrangea

Sum and Substance Hosta

Agave pototorum

Pitcher Plant

Crassula Golum

Weeping Yaupon


  1. My wish list isn't necessarily for more plants at this point. My wish list includes more room for plants!

  2. Yep. I like your list, although I'm not familiar with Escobaria.

    I've got my list too. It's open ended and as I scratch one off, I add two more. It really does help when I'm visiting a nursery and my brain is doing summer salts. Still, I inevitably find one (or three) plants that weren't on my list. Admittedly, I'm putty in the hands of plant purveyors.

  3. JCharlier - Well, land is on my wish list too, but that's in the same general wish list as goats, a herd of small dogs, and babies. All part of the ultimate goal list.

    Grace - Ugh, me too. Nurseries are my opium den where I lose all connection to reality and my credit card and stumble along in a botanical-induced stupor. The other day I was in a nursery and started feeling woozy and had to sit down, but unlike most people, I didn't leave - I tried to walk it off and still look around at plants and gear. Bah. My boyfriend was with me and pointed out that I have a serious addiction when feeling faint doesn't deter me from getting my fix.


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