March 27, 2009

Organizing the Gardening Cabinet

I keep a cabinet by my front door because 1) I hate going in and out of the garage and 2) I do a lot of gardening tasks on my front entry. It's great having it, but it's a cavern of clutter! Until today...



I added a board for a shelf, some 3M hooks, and some pales I bought at Target. Surprisingly everything that was in there fit, AND! I was able to store some more things inside. Huzzah!


  1. Oh comes spring cleaning!

  2. I have my wall outside my front door, which has a roof over it, lined with gardening stuff on shelves. I've got to organize it and make it look a little spiffier. But where to put everything? The endless question...

  3. It always feels good to have things organized. I'm thinking I should probably tackle a few projects of my own. Nah... :)


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