March 26, 2009

Compost Is a Mama's Hug

I bought a wandering jew from Lowe's, and it's no wonder it was on sale. I don't like to buy houseplants at full price - I can usually find them on sale and just a bit scuffed up. Well, this one was particularly bad. Why did I buy it? Because I knew this was a plant that wants to live! VERY BADLY! It's one of the easier houseplants to care for, and I though it'd maybe been under-watered and then the staff poured on a ton because the soil was soaked. I took it home and let it dry out for a bit.

The plant continued to do worse. It looked like a fungal disease was wreaking havoc on the poor thing, so I sprayed some organic fungicide on it.

It still got worse. Not knowing what else to do and believing fully that compost will cure anything, I splatted a handful of compost right on top of the plant. Amazingly, it's doing better! I'm seeing new growth and more vigor in the existing leaves and stems. So, it's true - compost will cure a lot of problems. I suspect the compost helped in this case because of the beneficial fungus and bacteria, and I think giving more soil contact with the barely-alive-but-still-alive leaves and stems helped immensely.

Here's a picture of the plant now:When I see more results, I will update for better or worse. Here's to hoping for the best!


  1. Cool! Don't ya just love the way Lowe's and
    Home Depot waters them? I just bought a mature
    Hoya plant and it was soaked! So I had to repot it, I use seed starter soil because it's fast
    draining and can dry up the soaking soil.

  2. Boy it was in bad shape wasn't it. I've been looking for a Wandering Jew. I got a start and have kept snipping and rooting and snipping and rooting but it still looks spread out and not bushy. Guess I need to plant them closer together since I've had no luck finding them in the stores. Guess I'll try Lowes again.

  3. Those are such pretty plants. I bet you'll get in looking good in no time. You can find some really good deals on the plant rescues!

  4. Unfortunately, that's how a lot of my house plants end up looking. Best of luck, it's a great looking plant when healthy!


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