March 5, 2009

Evil Mimosas

Mimosas are a plague in my yard. Here's yet another seedling and I didn't even have to look that hard.

Here's what it would become:
Here are the leaves:


  1. Isn't the mimosa what's called the sensitive plant, or prayer plant? I Pay good money for those at the nursery for my daughter so it can sit around and die for us. It's an annual up here. I buy one annually.

  2. There are many different tribes, genuses, and species in the mimosa subfamily. The particular one that is wreaking havoc in my neighborhood seems to be the Persian Silk Tree. Looking at other types of mimosas, there are some called the sensitive plant. The only one I saw that's called the sensitive plant isn't a tree or shrub and is probably an annual flower or herbaceous perennial depending on where you live. If that's correct, then what I have something totally different.

    I can't imagine ever paying money for one of these, but I imagine many Australians can't imagine ever paying money for a lantana which is a plant I buy. Soooo... it's all relative.


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