February 9, 2009

Sidewalk Bed Filled!

So after bagging and hauling dirt, putting down weed barrier, dumping dirt, planting, making the pathway, I'm tired. We did this all on a very windy weekend, and now I'm glad because it's raining! Huzzah! I don't have any final pics because the light ran away by the time it was done, but I have some almost done shots.
Further note, out of those 17 pots of daylilies I was able to tease out 6-8 plants on average from each pot, and these puppies needed some help. I found a maggot on one, and there were lots of rotted roots which just made me sad. They all didn't particularly need dividing, but they all badly needed planting. Teasing and planting probably took me 4 hours or so. It was a pretty lengthy process.

Here's the high-tech weed barrier I put down underneath the garden soil:

A mixture of cardboard, junkmail, phone book pages, and shredded office paper. All together I was able to cover the space, but it was difficult with the windy conditions. Phew.

For anyone that wants to do this, I recommend getting a large bucket of water and dunking pages/shreds in it. It isn't totally necessary with heavy cardboard. The shredded paper was perfect for cracks and corners since it can be smashed up to fit any space.

Here are some of the logs stacked side-by-side for the walk-way:

Gopher Plant next to the mailbox:

Spineless Prickly Pear Cactus also by the mailbox:

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