February 14, 2009

Huge Lowe's Sale of Plants

My local Lowe's got a bunch of plants in, and so there were a lot of the older plants at 50% off. I bought up. 36 Pixie Lilies, 2 Eunonymous, 2 Green Cloud Sage Bushes, 40 Liriope (20 giant and 20 silver tipped?), 6 Nandinas, and 2 shrubs that I forgot the name of but they're going in the back shade garden. The lilies are going in the front garden. The Eunonymous, Nandinas, and Sage are going in the western side garden. The rest are for the back shade garden.

I planted a lot of lilies today. I also planted my paper whites, erlicheer, Black Knight gladiolas, and assorted cannas. Phew.

And I discovered my Oriental Lilies that I purchased in December/January are returning. This will be the first I've seen them in their proper glory:A full flat of Giant Liriope:To be placed in this garden:

I finally trellesed my roses:
And they're even budding!

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