February 23, 2009


Phew, it was a busy weekend, but only because I made it busy... damn.

Friday evening, I was outside and decided I'd finally had enough of the side plot next to my slab patio. The slab has obviously shifted over the years and is now slanted into the slope of the yard. This causes some flooding at that corner and makes the whole thing a bit of a wreck. I started digging and trenching and then digging and trenching some more. Soon I was close to having a garden plot. Saturday, I went out for some plants. I bought even more liriope, some cyclomen, some Swedish Ivy, a sage, and a Japanese Maple... I'm holding my breath that the Japanese Maple makes it. The plot is on the north side of the house, gets good morning sun, and is generally temperate as compared to other parts. When I got back home, I finished digging and started planting. My bf thought it was the best plot we'd done so far. I got down the decomposed granite for drainage, some compost for the plants, weed barrier, and mulch. The whole thing probably took me about 14 hours total. I also painted an old pot holder (not sure what to call it) and potted some cilantro and basil yesterday. That took nearly no time, so I'm not counting it.

Most of yesterday was devoted to cleaning, errands, and the lawn. I went through with my new garden fork (love it!) and aerated the front lawn. I poured the second round of nematodes, scattered Buffalo Grass and Blue Grama seeds, laid on a bit of compost, and watered. That took maybe 3 hours or so.

Other random stuff:
-Potted up a viola and a creeping jenny
-Made more "pots" from tin cans
-Made a terrarium
-Added labels to my gardening scrapbook
-Reorganized the pots
-Pulled some weeds
-Shuffled plants from out to in and in to out due to risk of frost
-Pinched the sage, lambs ear, and chrysanthemum

There's always so much to do though. I need to stop making projects.


  1. Hello, Like you I have been collecting cans to recycle into plant pots, but at the moment they are still silver/steel, I thought I might stencil the name of herbs on them and plant herbs in them (of course !) You certainly had a busy week-end back then. I'm a bit late commenting as I have just found your blog on Blotanical.

  2. Stenciling plant names on pots is a very cute idea!! Stenciling takes so much patience though, and my tin cans have ridges - the paint would no doubt run. I wonder if vinyl letters would work? I can put stickers on pots. lol.

    Good luck with your project! I'll check your blog for updates!


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