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About Me

I find great deal of enjoyment in gardening which is something I never imagined would happen.  It is pleasant for all that the word means, and it is difficult to find those activities that nestle in between exciting and boring.  This might also explain my affinity for Peanuts (the comic) and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Being the competitive person that I am, gardening still manages to put a fire under my butt, especially when a garden show is approaching.

Photography by Daisy Moffatt
I garden in Austin, TX (zone 8B), and I like a little bit of everything.  I have edibles and ornamentals, and I consider some of my edibles to be ornamental but not vice-versa.  I have succulents, carnivorous plants, herbaceous perennials, wildflowers, annuals, vines, tropicals, grasses, etc.  I even buy plants that I don't particularly care for just to understand the appeal!  I like to trade/swap plants, and I enjoy visiting a variety of vendors.

I took a photography class in high school and later in college, and a few years ago, I got my first (and only) DSLR camera.  I like playing with photography, and I'm still learning.

I am also a member of Instructables with several featured projects ranging from making devil shoes to researching a research paper.  Some of these projects have been featured on OnePrettyThing.com, UCreate, Lifehacker, the blog of Craft Magazine, and several others.  I've even won a few contests which is a nice reward, but more than that, DIY contests help me stretch my imagination and work out problems - it's nice to work within a level of constraint.

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