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February 18, 2009

Tree Shaping

I'm slowly shaping a tree (Eve's Necklace). Right now I'm just getting the trunks to space apart properly, and I'm using modern technological advancements such as rocks, twine, and knots. Here's the Wikipedia article on the art.

I also want an espalier citrus tree. REAL BAD!

Pics to come of tree in place.


  1. Hi this is Becky form Pooktre
    Arborsculpture relates to Richard Reames's method of shaping trees.
    (From reading your comment it looks like you not using his methods.)
    At Wikipedia there was a consensus that a neutral name was needed for the artform, and Tree shaping was decided upon. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tree_shaping
    The link you gives goes the address above.

    You may be also interested in visiting this website http://www.treeshapers.net ,which shows photos from all the different tree shapers from around the world.

    Deleted above comment as I left a word out :-(

  2. Ah ha! So the generic term is tree shaping, and arborsculpture is specific. Good to know!

    And thanks for the TreeShapers.net link. Very cool! I saw a program on tree shaping a few months ago and thought it was awesome. I planted a young tree recently and didn't even realize that the tree could be shaped. I'm thinking I'll start off slow and simple. I'll definitely read more about it.

    And no worries about the comment. I removed it completely since it seemed to be an accident.

  3. Actually you first used the word Arborsculpture correctly. You have been the victim of a cyberstalking word redefiner. The word Arborsculpture was born in 1995 and is defined as Shaping and grafting of the woody part of the tree, like the work of Axel Erlandson. The word began to crawl, and recently began to walk on it own. As a parent I just bust my buttons when I see it standing proud on it's own. My heart brakes when I see it shot down, in cold blood, before it has learned to run.

    For the record, there was no and is no consensus at Wikipedia. I'll bet you never thought you could find such controversy in a garden art. Never the less, be sure to see the best trees (by any name) being shaped on the planet today at pooktre.com

  4. thank you, Redhead, Blackash and Richard for interesting new topic to explore. I was hopeless with disciplining children, a bit better with dogs, so dunno how I would go at this.

  5. Hi this is Becky form Pooktre
    See for yourself the discussion of why and how the name change happened go to


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