January 2, 2011

The 365 Project

I just saw a mention of the 365 Project on Ryan's Garden and had to sign up for an account myself.  For January, I am challenging myself to take a picture everyday and have started a challenge on Instructables for others to challenge themselves in the same way.  I'm really liking the layout and ease of use.  If you're interested in joining and maybe following me, here's my member page.

Today's picture is of Avonia buderiana (a succulent native to South Africa):

Avonia buderiana on 365 Project


  1. Excellent idea. I am jumping in.

  2. I like the idea and look forward to following you and Tufa...how do I sign up to follow? I'm sorry to be such an ijet but I don't see where to click!

  3. Excellent idea, I will watch it with interest but not jump in at the moment.


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