November 10, 2010

Dave's Garden 2010 Photography Contest Open for Voting

To view entries and vote, go here.

Many of the entries are very interesting, and it's always nice to see a selection of photos from different gardeners.  I think the first judging method is probably the easiest and most accurate.  It's hard to take in a full page of thumbnails.

If you have a few minutes, would like to look at some gardening photography from all over the world, and take part in selecting images for the 2011 DG Calendar, please check it out!

Without having looked through last year's entries, I might not have ever seen this magnificent photo, which received a second place:

I do have a few entries, but please don't feel like you have to vote for me or anything.  I'm not even going to say which ones are mine.

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  1. FYI - looks like you must be a member to Dave's Garden to view. I am but where is that password....


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