October 27, 2010

The Hazard of Labeling Grocery Store Produce

Joseph at Greensparrow Gardens offers some interesting insight into why apples are better than peaches at the grocery store.  Apples are labeled by variety and can command a higher price, but peaches are rarely labeled and are less special which means a lower price.  It's an issue of the specialty item vs. the generic item.

It's true - there is very little labeling of produce in grocery stores.  You can buy "red lettuce", but "red lettuce" is as generic as "red onion".  Perhaps no one would really want a label of "Pinot Rouge F1" or "TZ 1581".  If labeling becomes a much more regular thing, then the breeders should start making some more appetizing names than "Femspot F1".

Guest:  "Wow, this stuffing is amazing!  How did you do it?"
Host:  "It's all about selecting the right ingredients.  I sauteed a bit of TZ 9860 F1 and Yellow Granex Hybrid F1 PRR in a bit of Sweet G-90 oil..."

You can imagine the hazard of labeling with the state of crop names as it currently stands.  Apples have better names than a lot of other crops.  There's Autumn Pearmain, Golden Pippin, Crispin, Pixie Crunch, and Sops of Wine.  The names alone are enticing!

If I developed a delicious cucumber, I would call it "The World's Best Cucumber - Eat Me."

Does anyone think it's weird that ConAgra has a twitter account?

Finally, Greensparrow Gardens is an awesome blog and people should subscribe!  I am not getting paid for this endorsement.  It's just true.


  1. Apples are interesting in a lot of ways. I learned last summer that the University of Some Mid-western State(ok, so I can't remember which one) has been developing new varieties of apples for some years now. When the get a good one that folks what to grow - as I understand it - they license the grower. I assume this is so that they continue to get some money for the development.

    If you get a chance, try a HoneyCrisp. It's a relatively new variety and oh, so good! Sweetest apple I've ever eaten and crisp and juicy - all the good things an apple should be. My only hesitation in recommending it is that it will mean fewer for me!!

  2. I've had Honey Crisp, and I really do love it. I like EXTREMELY hard apples that aren't too sweet.


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