February 18, 2009

Convert a Birdbath into a Planter

Problem 1: I have a birdbath which is just about the worst birdbath ever - it leaks because it's unsealed cement. I can fill it with water, and in an hour the water has drained out.

Problem 2: I have some sedum ogdum that's never looked very good where I put it, and having had some in a hanging basket, it really looks best when cascading.

Solution: Put sedum in birdbath.

This sedum has shallow roots and will grow according to the container it's in. It can take a heavy rain and drought.

So I dug up the two sedum and basically smashed them together into the birdbath. I'd already dug up the rest and put them in a large shallow glazed pot with some oxalis, so these were the last two awaiting a home. Thankfully, they both fit into the birdbath with an attractive amount of overflow.

They even have some new growth!


  1. I LOVE the birdbath being a planter idea. I've been thinking about turning mine into a small herb garden.

  2. Ooooh, I bet creeping mint or creeping thyme would do wonderfully. Go for it!

    I think mine sort of looks like a mossy mushroom right now.


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